My marriage preparation hungamas-Part 1

August 16, 2012 1 comment

A new event in life hampers the mind. In my life, it is my marriage.Of course the tingling so far is only on the positive front 🙂

A new person entered my life as I tied the pious knot on 23 May 2012. Requests are coming as why am I not writing blogs since then. Here it goes some memorable incidents during our marriage….

I now realized one thing in life, for a marriage how much ever you plan; there will be plenty of “surprising”planning flops which will make our mind puzzle…some still making me to think what went wrong!

On the reception day, I wore the costume called “Indo Western style”. In fashion terminology it is a modification of groom’s wedding wear known as “Sherwani”. At a height of 5’4’’, I had an odd feeling of wearing it as many of my friends commented that it won’t suit me.

Apparently in the month of May, with earth heating up to its core and pumping out temperature around 100F, this tightly packed costume from head (yes there was a Turban on my head) to toe (yes there was a designer shoe) and with make up around my face (settings for a groom and is mandatory) transformed me to look like an “Indian” magician with turban. Though may be to enjoy the magic events of my life 🙂

With a garland around the neck, a car escorted me to the Mandappa. Was so eager to see my better half and her costume. Yes… she came with a Bouquet at the entrance saying “Welcome”. With a confused question mark, I could not recollect who the girl was……I asked her parents “Is this Shanthini?” They said “Yes”. As we both started marching towards the stage I asked her

“Why is your make up so much…I could not recognize you! Are you my Shantu?”….Her reply “Hmm……its me only…so much flops today…”

A brief on her costume…she had been preparing quite well before I reached India for this make up and its costume. Few of its funny highlights…

1.      She stood for several hours to get an appointment from one of the top beauty parlors in the city.

2.       Costed nearly $400 only 🙂

3.       The above cost doesn’t include Mehandi work and is additional.

[Modern term is “Henna tattoo” and is nothing but an art drawn on the hands and feet of the bride which will remain for few days]

4.       Most of the other parlors in the city included everything in their cost to transform a girl to look “something” like a bride. But this peculiar parlor is little extravagant 🙂

5.       Purchased one of the expensive bridal collection sarees from the store “Pothys”

She was describing me that “The beautician locked the door inside and did this makeup. She felt that others are distracting her ideas… last this is the result”.

The outcome of her transformation to bride went grossly wrong as she was looking like a shopping entrance “doll” wearing a bridal saree except that this doll was able smile to few hundreds of people now….

The marriage hungama continues……

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Stereotyped Americans about Indians..

I get irritated on reading articles from US when they talk about India and its economy. They never forget to add this line…

In India there are people who still live under poverty with average income of less than an US $.

I should ask how frequently those journalists have visited India or known its people.

I was so eager to browse on the same topic and get to know the notion of Americans about Indians. The most interesting comment from an American was this…

“Since many Americans don’t leave the US, their world view is dictated by what they see on television and news programmes deal very little with world news, therefore it is regular TV shows from which most information is gathered and they only really reinforce stereotypes or periods from another countries history.”

American TV channels show more of the Indian cows, elephants and the people taking ride on these animals.

For an average American his world begins at his home passes through Hollywood and ends at the White House.

Once I got an opportunity to travel to US where I worked with my onsite colleagues, I did see their interest to visit Bangalore and other parts of India. I expect such awareness should come from all Americans and think that there is a world outside America which is bigger and stronger…wat say?

Boy meets Girl- Part 3

Flashed with eagerness, my sister-in-law picked the phone and answered the call.

As a happy camper and on cloud nine, I heard the marriage bells ringing somewhere remotely.

In the next few minutes, calls went from our cellphone to all relatives. It is my mom, the senior person in our family who had to invite everyone. She conversed saying “We have seen a girl for Sathish. We are meeting in Ganesha temple @ RS Puram tomorrow morning at 11:00 A.M. Please come”.

The next day all our invitees arrived the temple without a single miss. As per the traditional procedure, I entered the temple at last. Well, the dark brown saree she wore added the right contrast to her fairness. In a day my life changed such that I became the centre of attraction to my relatives. Everyone acclaimed saying “The girl looks good. Super..”. I blushed with happiness as my friend commented “You cheeks are becoming red…control..control”.


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Boy meets Girl- Part 2

January 9, 2012 1 comment

Our family felt that morally bride’s family will take more time as they need to think a lot before giving their girl.  Well…our situation was like awaiting an examination result without knowing pass/fail.

In a blown state of mind we entered Annapoorna, the most popular hotel in Coimbatore, known for its taste of Sambar and coffee. I should say the cost of our snack bill was equal to a breakfast bill in A2B at Bangalore. As I tweaked my wallet into the pocket after paying the cash, an advice bobbed up from my sister “Don’t keep looking at the wallet…from now on you should start loading more cash…”

We headed back home in our two wheelers. I lost interest to look at my FESTINA watch now but was eager to see the wall clock as I always admired its display for its appealing golden dials. It was about half past 12.

Family members got into series of discussions as to when to keep the engagement, marriage…blah blah. Should say that’s how the curiosity my family would show and have been showing since a long time about my marriage…my mother has had drawn plans as whom to give dress materials (silk sarees and silk dhotis). She even had already filled one section of wardrobe in the last year for that sake. Just for a matter of one day event in my life!!

Few of the touted minds started to talk about their “privileged” relatives to be invited for marriage. My sister-in-law started making the list. In agony I stopped everyone in continuing the marriage subject and reminded them that girl is yet to say YES and we are waiting for their family’s decision.

With tautness in everyone’s face, kids too started reacting to this situation slowly. My niece and nephews were cribbing for their leaves going waste simply. Even the other adults in the family-bro, sis-in-law, sister, bro-in-law have taken a day off from their job. One of my nephews was kidding me “You went in the morning to the parlor for doing the facial…ha ha ha…it is all going waste now”. I got infuriated over the kids as they too started to harass me this way…what a state of pity I am in?

Troubled with appetite, I had little lunch, I insisted my sister-in-law to make sure that the mobile was not switched off or left abandoned as the marriage broker would call only to her number.

At around 2:00 P.M, all our avidity increased heavily such that my bro-in-law tried calling the marriage broker. With sad face he came back to us and said “She has switched off the mobile”. Luckily someone reminded my bro-in-law “Why don’t we call girl’s father itself, you anyway have his number”.

With a reluctant mind he called to his number and asked “ I am Sathish’s bro-in-law…you said you will let us know the result in 1 hour. We are waiting for it as we need to inform our relatives”. Words cannot be described about my “future” father-in-law’s sincerity to his job. Though retired from service he is continuing his job on request from company. Gracefully he picked this call while in office. He told “We parents liked the guy, but waiting for the girl. She left office right from temple due to some urgent work. So we are yet to discuss on her decision. Can we tell it by 6:00 P.M as she will be back from work”.

More agony in everyone’s behavior. Do not know whom to convince. My bro went furious such that he was about to get that phone and break it. We had to cool him down saying bride family are like that. This family looks to take little more time to tell their thoughts.

There was another reason to get angry because we were about to commit to other family to see one more bride the next day. Due to my short trip to India several things were clogged and we could not afford to delay as everything was pre-planned while I was in Germany.

There was a rib-tickling incident happened during my first Skype meet with this girl. Their parents were looking for an auspicious day to have a chat. The Skype id was shared with atmost care referring to astrological timings.

Our family started suspecting that they might be delaying due to this. So my sister pulled the monthly calendar from the wall and started looking for the timings. She said “Time is good only…no issues…then why are they not calling??”

Tea time neared as the clock struck 6 o clock. Just to revert back….we left from the temple at 11:30 A.M. Have completed lunch and tea but didn’t receive the call from bride’s family….

Suddenly anger and frustration were diverted towards me. My bro asked  “Did you ask the girl whether she liked you or not”. I started to get back to my conversation with the girl what I had in the morning. I remember I didn’t ask this question….. neither she didn’t ask me. I had to admit my lack of knowledge in such things. In return I replied to my bro “I am pretty much sure she liked me..there is no doubt”.

In between, calls came from relatives who was updated about this event of ours wanting to know the result. One after the other relatives started perstering through phone calls asking as “What happened?”.

At around 7:00 P.M my bro-in-law called to the broker to enquire the status. Surprisingly she picked the call and stated that her husband was hospitalized and could not pick the call. She pleaded sorry to us. Had to pity on her emergency but felt diligent on our frustrated dependency on her. She said “I just now called them. They said the girl arrived from office and is parking the 2 wheeler inside. We will wait for 5 minutes”.

My mom sprinted with joy on overhearing as her second daughter-in-law also knows to drive a two-wheeler! Good for her…!

We all thought that the girl needs only 5 minutes to decide and why we had to wait from morning for this. There is severe lack of understanding on either side or indulgent on my purpose of visit.

At last the call came from the broker….

To be continued..

Boy meets Girl- Part 1

Our family entered the lord Ganesha temple at 10:30 A.M-the bachelor god who likes only his disciples to get married but not him! From rear I could see amidst her parents trying to hide. Should say that’s the Guy thing. My heart started pounding because she looked a lot better than in the photo. My crush on poor photography obviously goes to the studio vendor who took her picture. Having attracted by her fieriness, glancing whether she will look at me or not….

Nowadays my taste for blue dresses have increased heavily that I wore a long stripped shirt from Park Avenue and my favorite branded LEE jean. The bride and groom seeing procedure continued with both of our families worshipping the god along the aisle of lord Ganesha. As always the girl’s family facing the right hand side and we stood on the left hand side.

We were allowed to take the forepart. There goes the life time opportunity to decide on my life partner now. In ecstatic mood, I was passing some comments to my friend that my trip to India was a success 🙂

After we prayed Ganesha, both of our families gathered again to sit down. The slim fit jean which I wore may tear if I had to sit down. With struggles, I sat crossing both legs and observed her with glimpsing eyes. Well, she knelt her head down, betting and looking at the ground (obviously that’s what I expected) with blushed cheeks.

To my expectation, the bride and groom meeting ceremony didn’t go into a stereotyped fashion. We were allowed to talk to each other. There comes our second round of conversation [the first one happened through skype few weeks back] but this time was different …an actual eye to eye contact.

Dialogues were shared and topics were covered mostly about my stay in Germany, nature of work, settling in Germany etc. Oops…we got an interruption from my niece who pinched me saying “Shall we go home?”

Silence prevailed for some time in everyone’s weary faces….My sister-in-law rushed to me saying “You should not be talking for so long…Do you like the girl or not?” With no doubt I nodded the head and said YES.

I came to know that our conversation went for more than 15 mins. My sister opened the German chocolates and distributed to everyone in the group to evince our interest (from guy’s side) to clinch the alliance. But the acceptance of it from the bride’s family established only a weak bond (around 50%) as her mother said “We parents like the boy but need to discuss with girl at home and will let us know in 1 hour”.

I checked my FESTINA watch…11:30 A.M

… be continued.

I am an Aerospace Engineer…

December 30, 2011 1 comment

I always felt the current generation lags little in aspiring career in what they choose and strive hard to reach that extra mile and touch the sky limits of Engineering. Though not coming from a premier institute of Engineering unlike NITs or IITs, where the lads graduate with flying colors, KCT and its grads did had that passion. After graduation, many of my collegiate(s) wanted to purse higher studies-some in India and many abroad. Doing higher education abroad was a costly affair for my family that I stopped in just reading materials for GRE which was helpful for me to clear some of the entry level exams conducted by companies. Also writing a GATE exam was boring for me. I am proud of saying that my Engineering degree in Electrical and Electronics has been useful to shine well in my career. But many times I was cornered to situations of whether career or money is important in life. A decision making in those situations had inhibited my futher thinking and has led to lot of diversions in life.

Watching the flights tearing the sky wasn’t a peculiar activity for kids and is the same case with me. After I grew up those dreams became reality when I boarded into an aircraft…the curiosity rose even higher when I got the opportunity to work on few aerospace projects in Wipro. My experience with a service company had a balance between its pros and cons, though could not refrain my decision towards joining it 7 years before. Being in an aerospace company now feels me proud when I hear from peers that my designs are running successfully in aircrafts. I strongly adhere to the statement “Learning is a continuous process”…and I can shout aloud and say “I am an aerospace Engineer”….yes I continue to put my ideas for products which goes into any of those Airbus, Boeing or Bombardier flights….

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Europeanising the German energy transition

The hot topic rolling in all news journals in Germany is about phasing out its nuclear power and starting to embrace renewable energy resources. It is a bleak idea to me as how Germany being the most powerful industrialized country in Europe has come with a bold decision. Is it a proxy-imperial economic subjugation?

German’s nuclear power turmoil took a serious turn after the mishap occurred at Japan’s Fukushima disaster.

When India is looking at “Opportunity cost” at this time, such things raises doubts and becomes a blanket argument while it is reviewing the existing nuclear programme. Germany is the first European country to phase out Nuclear power as it is getting exhausted with its nuclear resources and its deficit needs are met by imports. Germany’s environmentalists had hoped that phasing out nuclear plants would provide way for to “Go Green”.

Substantially, there are compounding problems in phasing out nuclear power:

  1. Renewable power sources will be costly. Consumers must be ready to pay more for electricity.
  2. A country relying entirely on renewable energy lead to variability problems in load sharing.
  3. The initial losses due to the investment will need to be enforced through subsidies
  4. This might have ripple effects across Europe thereby countries have to spend more on transmission systems who tend to follow Germany’s footsteps.