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“Glittering” career for budding Engineers….

The biggest challenge which any IT/Core company facing now  is to retain best talents for the long haul. Inevitably, there is no shortage for fresh talents in India and companies continue to recruit them in masses year on year.

This year, our senior management took an imperative decision to go for campus recruitment drive in rural areas citing a reason that the opportunity what rural guys get are comparatively less than urban lads. Of course, I discern on their decision and even from my experience, I have seen rural guys/gals will stay in the company for a longer duration (altleast for 3 years). Moreover, many candidates whom we took from last and previous year thro’ campus drive from Bangalore have already left the company.

PS: In this post I want to discuss only about the mannerism of the budding Engineers who alleviate from their normal lines of functioning.

I visited a top rated college near Hassan in Karnataka. I had involved in several off-campus selection before, but my experience at Hassan proved different in assessing the candidature. The reason being the “raw mindset” of students was evident in such recruitment drives than during off-campus interviews. I was not prepared to get absurd responses for few of my questions while interviewing the candidates who are currently in 7th Semester.

Question: What is inverting operational amplifier?

Answer: Sorry sir ,  don’t remember opamps

Question: What is ADC?

Answer: Analog to Digital Converter but I don’t know what it is doing

Question: What is a Flipflop?

Answer: It is used to build registers and counters.

With few discussions, I was literally fed up after hearing even more irritating replies such that I went to a stage wherein I asked one candidate “Was the written test difficult?” “Am I asking tuff questions?”

I got a sympathetic reply from the guy that all their previous companies were asking questions from C/C++ and we were the first to probe them in Electronics. I neither don’t want to blame the other companies for their mode of selection nor their college placement team who failed to train their students to face a company like us.

The point which I wanted to throw here is that weren’t candidates lost their interest/passion towards their core engineering itself?

Hassan is 200 kms from Bangalore and for travel’s sake, I felt of absorbing one candidate from the college hoping that we can provide on the job training  making them work on live projects. But there was another question which stuck heavily in my mind-will the guy adheres to the company for a while if we train him. For me it was a “million dollar” question!!

I recently read an article relating to talent management where a consultant says,

“We are transitioning from a worker mentality of ‘Show me a reason to leave a company’—where people remained at their jobs for a long time—versus ‘Show me a reason to stay.’ ”

This is very much true as most of the freshers don’t think of why the company has invested to train them in order to be productive.  There are few guys who show interest to learn and be supportive to the team but again the management always needs to have an eye on them for retention’s sake.

The repercussions of this have even changed the mindset of the industries in the way trainings are conducted; I would say many companies have stopped asking them for their interest or what domain they are passionate about.

I have been interviewing 3+ years experience candidates for a while browsing through several Resumes wherein I could hardly find a guy/gal sticking to one company from the beginning of their career.

I am afraid to mention here that if the same trend continues to grow, then we must gear up to absorb candidates having experience from n number of companies wherein the guys touch base in each company for few months.

But again there is real doubt on their long term growth as they climb in career ladder; the definite roadblocks come from senior management who has exhibited very good career profile [of course not the bad managers!!].

It is hard to make out whether these guys have drawn any inspiration atleast from their direct leaders or their senior management when they are in budding stage of their career. In my opinion, there is no ideal company in this world which can fulfill all of our career aspirations with zero defects/issues.

We should not be surprised to know that even the Indian IT industries have started framing most savvy policies in terms of C&Bs, onsite and retention of employees;

Big Employers will continue to remain as sole players and for them even if employee leaves, the organization can survive and increase its revenues!!!

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