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Cognitive or Ignorant?

Last week, while driving I saw a guy on a two-wheeler carrying live chickens to a broiler shop. I was closely observing the way how so many chickens were tied with its legs thy balancing the weight on either side. A simple but a cost-effective solution but a similar scenario given to an Engineer would think like that??

I imagined myself in a scenario if I have to carry those chickens-what I would do… Some of the options which I can think to convene the task.

1. Put all the chickens in one or two baskets and tie them together at the back seat of the vehicle

2. If option 1 is not possible, my wise decision would be to use a chicken carrier vehicle to move them.

But the point here is since the chickens were going to the broiler house, the guy never bothered to harm its legs in tying together. Was there a way to deliberate?

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