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I am an Aerospace Engineer…

I always felt the current generation lags little in aspiring career in what they choose and strive hard to reach that extra mile and touch the sky limits of Engineering. Though not coming from a premier institute of Engineering unlike NITs or IITs, where the lads graduate with flying colors, KCT and its grads did had that passion. After graduation, many of my collegiate(s) wanted to purse higher studies-some in India and many abroad. Doing higher education abroad was a costly affair for my family that I stopped in just reading materials for GRE which was helpful for me to clear some of the entry level exams conducted by companies. Also writing a GATE exam was boring for me. I am proud of saying that my Engineering degree in Electrical and Electronics has been useful to shine well in my career. But many times I was cornered to situations of whether career or money is important in life. A decision making in those situations had inhibited my futher thinking and has led to lot of diversions in life.

Watching the flights tearing the sky wasn’t a peculiar activity for kids and is the same case with me. After I grew up those dreams became reality when I boarded into an aircraft…the curiosity rose even higher when I got the opportunity to work on few aerospace projects in Wipro. My experience with a service company had a balance between its pros and cons, though could not refrain my decision towards joining it 7 years before. Being in an aerospace company now feels me proud when I hear from peers that my designs are running successfully in aircrafts. I strongly adhere to the statement “Learning is a continuous process”…and I can shout aloud and say “I am an aerospace Engineer”….yes I continue to put my ideas for products which goes into any of those Airbus, Boeing or Bombardier flights….

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  1. February 28, 2012 at 7:25 AM

    Good to find people who choose such diverse paths within engineering in India. Keep flying 🙂

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