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Boy meets Girl- Part 1

Our family entered the lord Ganesha temple at 10:30 A.M-the bachelor god who likes only his disciples to get married but not him! From rear I could see amidst her parents trying to hide. Should say that’s the Guy thing. My heart started pounding because she looked a lot better than in the photo. My crush on poor photography obviously goes to the studio vendor who took her picture. Having attracted by her fieriness, glancing whether she will look at me or not….

Nowadays my taste for blue dresses have increased heavily that I wore a long stripped shirt from Park Avenue and my favorite branded LEE jean. The bride and groom seeing procedure continued with both of our families worshipping the god along the aisle of lord Ganesha. As always the girl’s family facing the right hand side and we stood on the left hand side.

We were allowed to take the forepart. There goes the life time opportunity to decide on my life partner now. In ecstatic mood, I was passing some comments to my friend that my trip to India was a success 🙂

After we prayed Ganesha, both of our families gathered again to sit down. The slim fit jean which I wore may tear if I had to sit down. With struggles, I sat crossing both legs and observed her with glimpsing eyes. Well, she knelt her head down, betting and looking at the ground (obviously that’s what I expected) with blushed cheeks.

To my expectation, the bride and groom meeting ceremony didn’t go into a stereotyped fashion. We were allowed to talk to each other. There comes our second round of conversation [the first one happened through skype few weeks back] but this time was different …an actual eye to eye contact.

Dialogues were shared and topics were covered mostly about my stay in Germany, nature of work, settling in Germany etc. Oops…we got an interruption from my niece who pinched me saying “Shall we go home?”

Silence prevailed for some time in everyone’s weary faces….My sister-in-law rushed to me saying “You should not be talking for so long…Do you like the girl or not?” With no doubt I nodded the head and said YES.

I came to know that our conversation went for more than 15 mins. My sister opened the German chocolates and distributed to everyone in the group to evince our interest (from guy’s side) to clinch the alliance. But the acceptance of it from the bride’s family established only a weak bond (around 50%) as her mother said “We parents like the boy but need to discuss with girl at home and will let us know in 1 hour”.

I checked my FESTINA watch…11:30 A.M

…..to be continued.

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