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My marriage preparation hungamas-Part 1

A new event in life hampers the mind. In my life, it is my marriage.Of course the tingling so far is only on the positive front 🙂

A new person entered my life as I tied the pious knot on 23 May 2012. Requests are coming as why am I not writing blogs since then. Here it goes some memorable incidents during our marriage….

I now realized one thing in life, for a marriage how much ever you plan; there will be plenty of “surprising”planning flops which will make our mind puzzle…some still making me to think what went wrong!

On the reception day, I wore the costume called “Indo Western style”. In fashion terminology it is a modification of groom’s wedding wear known as “Sherwani”. At a height of 5’4’’, I had an odd feeling of wearing it as many of my friends commented that it won’t suit me.

Apparently in the month of May, with earth heating up to its core and pumping out temperature around 100F, this tightly packed costume from head (yes there was a Turban on my head) to toe (yes there was a designer shoe) and with make up around my face (settings for a groom and is mandatory) transformed me to look like an “Indian” magician with turban. Though may be to enjoy the magic events of my life 🙂

With a garland around the neck, a car escorted me to the Mandappa. Was so eager to see my better half and her costume. Yes… she came with a Bouquet at the entrance saying “Welcome”. With a confused question mark, I could not recollect who the girl was……I asked her parents “Is this Shanthini?” They said “Yes”. As we both started marching towards the stage I asked her

“Why is your make up so much…I could not recognize you! Are you my Shantu?”….Her reply “Hmm……its me only…so much flops today…”

A brief on her costume…she had been preparing quite well before I reached India for this make up and its costume. Few of its funny highlights…

1.      She stood for several hours to get an appointment from one of the top beauty parlors in the city.

2.       Costed nearly $400 only 🙂

3.       The above cost doesn’t include Mehandi work and is additional.

[Modern term is “Henna tattoo” and is nothing but an art drawn on the hands and feet of the bride which will remain for few days]

4.       Most of the other parlors in the city included everything in their cost to transform a girl to look “something” like a bride. But this peculiar parlor is little extravagant 🙂

5.       Purchased one of the expensive bridal collection sarees from the store “Pothys”

She was describing me that “The beautician locked the door inside and did this makeup. She felt that others are distracting her ideas…..at last this is the result”.

The outcome of her transformation to bride went grossly wrong as she was looking like a shopping entrance “doll” wearing a bridal saree except that this doll was able smile to few hundreds of people now….

The marriage hungama continues……

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  1. Feni
    August 17, 2012 at 8:35 AM

    Funnily written sathish 🙂
    good one…
    you should post a pic of it 😀

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