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Increasing blog traffic

Bringing more people to visit a blog site can seem daunting sometimes, yet I figured out a way to get more hits using Blog Link which is now added in my Linked in profile.

 A more easy way to stay connected from around my network friends in Linked in with connection to wordpress site itself.

 At first site it displays blog title along with a glimpse of contents with a ‘read more’ option to expand and read the complete stuff. An awesome application!!!

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How much information is there in the world?

February 17, 2011 1 comment

I was meddling my mind in appending RSS feeds to my blog, obviously the hunt for the best feeder took quick some time. There are surplus websites on the www but everyone forces me to create new login id and a “moron” password…hereto have my own difficultly to add them to my memory. I wanted to get updates from a single feeder taking my gmail account credentials similar to Facebook; provide me all information in a single place, right from news, blog updates from celebrities, friends etc  Amidst all, I  found Google reader to be the best…Now I could read the updates what Chetan Bhagat gives to his readers, quick newses befalling  India and world etc. Still more exploration needed to use the feeder effectively…may be will post some stupendous thing that inspires me J

Or may readers can suggest something better than Google??…ofcourse you will rewarded 🙂

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Gooooogle—some conceptions

I’m impressed with the products as Google coming up with the most innovative web applications on the WWW. In recent times, the most amazing application from Google is ORKUT. Impressed with its vivid features, I was surprised to read some of its facts. Orkut, a social network service run by Google is founded by its co-worker Orkut Büyükkökten. The guy,a Turkish software Engineer is currently doing his PhD. from Stanford University,created the website to find his lost girlfriend. He used it to link his friends believing one day he could find his Girl friend. Naturally when anyone becomes extravert, rumors starts spreading ….many saying that Google is paying him for every scrap we write to others, others write to us and so on…and the most absurd fact that he will be the richest man in the world by 2009. Hardly to believe rite??

I’ve heard of the working environment in Google that employees can utilize 20% of their time on personal interests. But that should be beneficial to Google’s business. No par I can say Google has the greatest minds in the world. I was astounded to hear that inorder to get into Google a person must clear 14 level of selection process. It is all about intellectuality and noesis. In my life time during my job hunt, I’ve crossed a max of 4 levels. I can say if Einstein had been alive he would have worked in Google with the greatest minds on earth and had come out with more ground-breaking technologies on the internet.
My kudos to Google from this blog!!

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