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Stereotyped Americans about Indians..

I get irritated on reading articles from US when they talk about India and its economy. They never forget to add this line…

In India there are people who still live under poverty with average income of less than an US $.

I should ask how frequently those journalists have visited India or known its people.

I was so eager to browse on the same topic and get to know the notion of Americans about Indians. The most interesting comment from an American was this…

“Since many Americans don’t leave the US, their world view is dictated by what they see on television and news programmes deal very little with world news, therefore it is regular TV shows from which most information is gathered and they only really reinforce stereotypes or periods from another countries history.”

American TV channels show more of the Indian cows, elephants and the people taking ride on these animals.

For an average American his world begins at his home passes through Hollywood and ends at the White House.

Once I got an opportunity to travel to US where I worked with my onsite colleagues, I did see their interest to visit Bangalore and other parts of India. I expect such awareness should come from all Americans and think that there is a world outside America which is bigger and stronger…wat say?


My guidelines to stay away from “uncertainty”

October 2, 2011 1 comment

Recent days I was holding several long hour discussions with my roomies on human behaviour uncertainty. Not just this time, I discuss more on this topic on human attitude and its uncertainty with my other friends as well. For me a person’s attitude is completely durable and should remain stable over large span of time. I do have seen people who fluctuate greatly over time.

Nowadays it is too hard to encounter a person with attitude certainty-one who establishes strong confidence in himself and stay focused.  In my experience, I have seen the uncertainty issue arises due to salary differences, lack of abroad opportunities, slag in career path etc.

Ambivalence is yet another conflict which revolves around such uncertain people. It is difficult to rate the degree of positive and negative aspects of such people which never remain balanced. I do not understand why they can’t get into a thought process (sit and think alone) of what they are doing and figure out the reason to diversify along their original route. I am sure they are presumably motivated to come out of it…that way can remain faithful to their friends or family members.

Cognitive or Ignorant?

Last week, while driving I saw a guy on a two-wheeler carrying live chickens to a broiler shop. I was closely observing the way how so many chickens were tied with its legs thy balancing the weight on either side. A simple but a cost-effective solution but a similar scenario given to an Engineer would think like that??

I imagined myself in a scenario if I have to carry those chickens-what I would do… Some of the options which I can think to convene the task.

1. Put all the chickens in one or two baskets and tie them together at the back seat of the vehicle

2. If option 1 is not possible, my wise decision would be to use a chicken carrier vehicle to move them.

But the point here is since the chickens were going to the broiler house, the guy never bothered to harm its legs in tying together. Was there a way to deliberate?

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